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Our Lambs

We started our sheep raising efforts with barbado lambs a few years back and this past year, 2011, added a Dorper ram and ewe to our herd. We have acquired a second Dorper ram to breed to our current flock of lambs born this year. We love the taste of the meat from the hair sheep and the Dorpers have a stockier build and provide much more meat with a wonderful flavor and tenderness. The sheep are completely pastured with a forage based diet and not fed grains. During the drought this past year, we supplemented with organic grass and alfalfa hays.

The sheep are once again on pasture only since we had such amazing rains this past winter and into spring. Texas can be a pretty brutal place to spend the summer, especially last year with 90 days of over 100 degree temperatures and no rain. We are hoping and praying that we won´t see a summer like that again, ever ! The sheep and lambs are in great health, and eating constantly like lawnmowers on the lush green native grasses and weeds that our pastures provide them. It is like eating at a salad bar. They are given access to multiple pastures and rotated daily.

It is important to us that our flocks are raised in herbicide and pesticide free pastures with fresh air and sunshine. We do not use antibiotics or growth hormones or any grains and supplement them with free range minerals, salt blocks and diatomaceous earth/garlic/molasses mixture for worming if necessary.

Nutritional Benefits and preparation methods
This is a great article on nutritional benefits of lamb, nutritional profile, cooking methods and a few recipes.

Dorpers produce superior meat

Ewes grazing on grass raise healthier lambs

Healthy lambs make a better food source