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Why We Avoid Using GMO Grains

  • We do not feed GMO (genetically modified organism) grains to our animals as doing so, in our opinion, would be a health risk for our animals and ultimately our clients. Animals that are fed GMO grains are eating DNA altered material which is enhanced to be resistant to Round Up and various pesticides. GMO plants are heavily treated with these products which are passed to those that consume the animals or products produced by the animals. Literally, "you are what you eat".



The Farmer in Dale is passionate about real food!

In a society full of chemically sprayed produce, animals fed hormones, antibiotics and GMO grains, we strive to produce real food so you have an alternative to offer your family that is pure and healthy.

Our pastured, grass fed, sheep and cattle live peaceful lives with protection from predators offered by our 4 Great Pyrenees dogs. The chickens, geese and ducks free range on acres of property with two ponds, lots of grass, bugs and whole organic grains and seeds fed twice a day. The veggie garden and orchard are fenced to keep out the livestock and hopefully the bunnies too, so the harvest will be plentiful. We feel blessed to live a peaceful life in the quiet country and in spite of all the work that comes with a farm, I know I have found what I was meant to do! I couldn´t be happier to share the fruits of our labors with those interested in eating nourishing foods.