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Our Chicken's Eggs

I truly love my chickens ! They are my girls and some may call me the crazy chicken lady as I do a roll call every evening and love to tell them good night and tuck them in for the evening. Chickens are such interesting creatures and do provide me with many photogenic moments.

What is truly amazing to me is the food source they provide for us in their eggs. It is so perfect and complete! Sadly, what has happened to chickens because of the agricultural industry and mass production of eggs and meat, has made the egg into something not worth eating from a commercial source. We have tried to turn that around here on our farm and I believe have succeeded in making a thoroughly delicious egg that is nutritious as it can possibly be !

What We Feed Them

Our chickens and roosters are fed whole organic grains and seeds that I mix each week and include corn, wheat, oats, barley, buckwheat, split pea and lentils, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, kelp and organic fish meal protein. There are never any GMO´s in our chicken feed grains. I believe that keeping the grains whole and intact, and letting the birds digest them by themselves with the help of grit and oyster shell, instead of grinding them into bits and powders, keeps the nutrition levels much higher. Most feed store layer pellets are full of GMO soy, corn and other ingredients that we totally avoid feeding our hens. They also pasture all day on fresh grass, and eat bugs and leftovers from the garden and our home. I like to put apple cider vinegar in their water containers to boost immunity and provide extra minerals and potassium. We rarely have sick birds, but use homeopathy and natural herbs or tinctures for medicines and will quarantine a bird away from the flock, if necessary.

I like to think our eggs are eggceptional, but I will let you taste them and decide?

We also have geese and ducks and occasionally sell their eggs.



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