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Our Farm in Dale

Our family has been interested in health and nutrition for many years. We raised our four daughters, now in their 20´s, out in the country with chickens, cattle, horses and alpine dairy milk goats. I bought organic before it was in style and milled wheat berries for flour to make homemade bread. The girls took turns milking the goats before school and I made cheese and yogurt with the milk. Feeding our family healthy food was a passion that grew into raising our own pastured beef and lamb. Understanding more about genetically modified grain and how it has taken over the agricultural industry has just made it more and more important to offer an alternative food supply for our family and yours.

Bringing family and friends together around the dinner table to catch up on the day or to celebrate a special occasion creates cherished memories in our lives. It really is the simple act of enjoying a meal and nourishing our bodies with real foods that impacts our family´s health. The Farmer in Dale wants to be a part of that process. We believe you will not be disappointed.

Our Focus

Our focus has now become one of supplying clean, healthy pastured meats to our customers through farmers´ markets, farm sales and deliveries. We want people to have access to meats without pesticides and chemical residues from pastures and hay fields that are organic or transitioning. Our meats are high in CLA because the animals were foraged instead of being fattened in a feed lot with GMO grains. We offer meats that will nourish instead of destroy your health.